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Location – Where Our Power Builds

You can join our caravan in our sanctuary, or we can bring our caravan to you.

Join Our Caravan At
Our Sanctuary:

The magic happens at our sanctuary in Forest Park, GA. We offer:

  • Indoor and Outdoor dance, training
  • Gym, Sauna, Water Purification System

You have to see it for yourself.

Take a closer look, here.

Empower Caravan Sanctuary
542 Ventura Drive
Forest Park, GA 30297

Our Caravan
Comes To You:

Sometimes, we need the adventures, the power, and the community to come to us.

Empower Caravan offers on site events, classes, individual trainings, and more.

Venues could be:

  • parks / schools
  • corporate events
  • colleges / universities
  • etc.

To explore an event where we bring Empower Caravan to you and yours, call or text 404-981-5005 , or email: EmpowerCaravan@gmail.com .

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