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Feel What The Empower Caravan Community Felt Here

See, hear, and feel what our Empower Caravan community members have experienced in this place and space.

– Yo
Your Freedom Guide
IG: @yosfreedomdance
Website: yosfreedomdance.com

– Donald Thomas
NuSun Solar Professional

“Omar saw that I was struggling with some baggage emotionally and didn’t hesitate to offer his healing services. He spent over an hour listening and helping me navigate the trauma that I had attached from my past.

He was extremely empathetic and caring, even as a stranger. And by the end, I had a friend and a guide.

Thank you Omar!”

– Angelica G.
IG: @angelica-gumeny

“Omar’s willingness to work with a perfect stranger helped restore my faith in humanity. He heard the way I spoke and could tell I had some trauma and offered to take me to his home. There, he spent hours of his day he could be doing absolutely anything else working with me and my crying and venting emotions, with zero expectations.

Observing someone willing to do all this, having just met, made me realize it’s okay to be where I am at and that I’m not a burden to other people, only to the wrong people who have their own stuff to work out.

It helped me continue to meet new people unashamed of where I am at and have less fear of meeting up with new people in the future.”

– Lizzie R.
IG: @advenchatera

“The first day I met Omar, the conversation turned to how many people lack confidence because they do not know how to protect themselves.

He invited me outside for a mini lesson, explaining various self-defense maneuvers before guiding me through them.

I was shy at first, but through it all, he was incredibly patient, pointing out what adjustments and improvements I could make, encouraging me to not hold back, and cheering for me when I got things right.

I felt a rush of excitement and empowerment, and had a lot of fun!”

Business Owner — Metalsmith
IG: @getbentandhamered

“Connecting with Omar was serendipity – and an unexpected delight. It was Cinco de Mayo, right around the time of my niece’s graduation from Georgia Tech.

Some family and friends gathered at a restaurant in Buckhead (Atlanta, GA) to enjoy some music and good food.

As it so happened, Omar approached and connected, was truly enjoying the music so much, and lifted the spirits of the venue. We saw him talking with the live band, and had NO idea what was coming.

Soon enough, we were all singing Happy Birthday – in Spanish and English. It was his birthday a few days before! The entire environment of the restaurant became happier, more festive , and more enjoyable.

Out of courteousness, he offered to give a quick demonstration and a lesson – in bachata and salsa. It was SUCH a wonderful experience!

I hadn’t done it before, truly enjoyed the music, and Omar helped us not feel self-conscious about being new. It was a wonderful experience, not at all anticipated, and better than I ever could have imagined

I hope that others – those experienced dancers, but especially those who are a little hesitant to try to learn dance – get to work with Omar, so that he can help others feel as comfortable as he made me feel that night.

It was such a delight – not a moment to be forgotten. Totally worth it! Thanks Omar!”


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