Feel & Grow Your Power:
1-Day Experience

The “Feel and Grow Your Power” Experience includes empowering our souls together, through caravan – our community.

A lot of us feel like we’re all alone on our growth path. I have been blessed with community who helped me along, and now, I’m working on bringing together beautiful souls to empower and encourage each other.

This 1 day event offers the greater Atlanta community this experience, after years of doing this in the various communities I’ve had the honor of living and serving in.

It includes empowerment in body, mind, and spirit, using:

– meditation,
– martial arts,
– music,
– dance,
– energy cleansing,
– nourishing food and water, and
– everything in between.

This experience empowers us to:

1) feel and internalize our internal power, and
2) experience how our community – our caravan – can support and help us grow.

P.S. You don’t have to be a dancer to come!!
The only “requirement” is wanting to be open to fun, joy, growth, and a good time. 😀😀😀

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